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                            Inorganic Chemistry Exchange of Canada

ICE is a research exchange program that offers summer employment opportunities to undergraduate students in chemistry, who will have completed the equivalent of two or three full years of study by the end of the school year in which they apply. We send talented undergraduates to carry out cutting-edge summer research in inorganic chemistry at participating universities from coast to coast across Canada.

ICE Faculty are committed to providing stimulating research experiences
to participating students in one or more aspects of the broad field of inorganic chemistry, including synthesis, spectroscopy, catalysis, materials, and biological applications. There's a whole Periodic Table out there, and infinite ways to explore and exploit it!

A core element (pun intended) of the program is the end-of-summer conference, at which the ICE Scholars present their results to their peers and supervisors, and the faculty hold their annual general meeting.
Our goal is to give motivated young researchers hands-on experience in the research laboratory, and to help them establish a lasting network in the national Inorganic community.

Quick Stats of the Inorganic Chemistry Exchange from 2004 – 2016:

Total number of ICE Scholars: 104 (106 exchanges, with two repeat ICE Scholars)
Total number of faculty supervisors: 45
Total number of participating institutions: 22

We are:
Mike Baird, Queen's University

Mario Bieringer, University of Manitoba
Johanna Blacquiere, Western University
Ian Butler, McGill University
Andrew Grosvenor, University of Saskatchewan
Garry Hanan, Université de Montréal

Robin Hicks, University of Victoria

Tim Kelly, University of Saskatchewan
Bryan Koivisto, Ryerson University
Chris Kozak, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Scott Kroeker, University of Manitoba
Jennifer Love, University of British Columbia
Parisa Mehrkhodavandi, University of British Columbia

Vladimir Michaelis, University of Alberta
Xavier Ottenwaelder, Concordia University
Jeremy Rawson, University of Windsor
Eric Rivard, University of Alberta
Laurel Schafer, University of British Columbia
George Shimizu, University of Calgary

Martin Stillman, University of Western Ontario

Former ICE faculty:
Tom Baker, University of Ottawa
Thomas Baumgartner, University of Calgary
Curtis Berlinguette, University of Calgary
Peter Budzelaar, University of Manitoba
Neil Burford, University of Victoria
John Corrigan, University of Western Ontario
Cathy Crudden, Queen's University
Deryn Fogg, University of Ottawa
Derek Gates, University of British Columbia

Hilary Jenkins, St. Mary's University
Sam Johnson, University of Windsor
Nathan Jones, University of Western Ontario

Fran Kerton, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Bernie Kraatz, University of Toronto

Jens Mueller, University of Saskatchewan
Paul Ragogna, Western University
Darrin Richeson, University of Ottawa
Roland Roesler, University of Calgary

Lisa Rosenberg, University of Victoria
Rob Scott, University of Saskatchewan

Suning Wang, Queen's University
Steve Westcott, Mt. Allison University
Mike Wolf, University of British Columbia
Eli Zysman-Colman, Université de Sherbrooke

ICE is an initiative of the Inorganic Division of the Canadian Society for Chemistry
ICE permanent web address: www.inorganicchemistryexchange.ca

ICE Chair: Andrew Grosvenor
Lisa Rosenberg