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Equipment in the Rosenberg lab & Chemistry Department at UVic

    We employ many of the same techniques used in organic chemistry labs, such as distillation, recrystallization, sublimation, and extraction.  However, many of the compounds we handle decompose in the presence of air and/or water, so we also use specialized equipment (glove box, double manifold N2(g)/vacuum lines) to manipulate these sensitive species under dry, inert atmospheres.  Along with physical characterization including melting/boiling points and elemental analysis, we analyze our compounds by NMR, UV and IR spectroscopies, mass spectrometry, GC-MS, and GPC (gel permeation, or size exclusion, chromatography).  As many of the projects involve a degree of conformational control or stereoselectivity, we make use of some basic molecular modeling to guide our synthetic strategies and interpret our results.

    In our labs we have six double manifold N2(g)/vacuum lines, all installed in fumehoods.  We've been building these as people arrive in the group, so each researcher is assigned a line, which becomes their personal workspace.  Most of the other equipment is communal, including:

  • glassware and NMR tubes
  • two single station glove boxes
  • stills for the purification of five solvents (actually, we now have a solvent purification system for seven solvents, but I like these pics.)
  • Waters GPC with RI and PDA-UV detectors
  • Macintosh (2) and PC (1) computers
  • ovens, rotovap, and other standard lab equipment

    We make good use of three departmental highfield NMR spectrometers: 300 MHz, 360 MHz and 500MHz.

    Other departmental instrumentation we use includes UV/Vis, IR and FTIR spectrophotometers, and mass spectrometers (including GC-MS). We also keep our departmental glassblower extremely busy, as well as the mechanical and electronics shops.  AND Science Stores (Elliott branch) (without them, we'd have nothing).

nmr tubes

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