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ACT NOW 2010 Legacies (2006-2007). Personal Health and Wellness Course Development. Principle Investigator: Dr. Joan Wharf-Higgins. Co-investigator: Dr. Lara Lauzon.

University of Victoria, SSHRC Internal Research Grant, 2005 - 2007. – A University of Victoria Campus Wellness Initiative. Principal Investigator: Dr. Lara Lauzon       

Royal Victoria Marathon Society. 2005 - 2007 Grant for Pedometer Research in Middle Schools 2004-2005   Principal Investigator: Dr. Lara Lauzon      

Michael Smith Foundation Health Research Grant for New Investigators, 2004-2005 Principal Investigator:  Dr. Lara Lauzon.

Learning and Teaching Centre Development Grant, 2003-2005. Type A. Personal Health and Wellness Course Development. Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Joan Wharf-Higgins, Dr. Lara Lauzon, Dr. Doug Nichols.

University of Victoria, SSHRC Internal Research Grant, 2003. Programming for Wellness in Public Recreation: Where Do We Begin? Principal Investigator: Dr. Lara Lauzon.  Co-applicants: Pugh, W., Coordinator, UVic Athletics and Recreation.

Learning and Teaching Centre Development Grant, 2002. Type B. Refining Major Course Assessments in Three Required courses in the B.Ed (Secondary Physical Education) Program Using Hudba and Freed’s (2000) Concept of Exemplary Assessment Task. Principal Investigator: Dr. Sandra Gibbons. Co-applicant: Lauzon, L.

Learning and Teaching Centre Development Grant, 2002. Integrated Teacher Education: Instructors developing pedagogy. Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Tim Hopper and Dr. Kathy Sanford. Co-applicants: Lauzon, L., Krawetz, L., Robertson, M.

Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Victoria 2002. Teacher Wellness: An Interpretive Inquiry.

Masters Thesis, University of Victoria, 1992. The Body Moves Television Fitness Show: Its Effects of Physiological, Fitness and Psychological Measures in Adult Females.