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Congratulations to Devin Jensen, our British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) Student Award winner for 2007, pictured here with his parents and sister on graduation day, June 6, 2007. Devin had both a high academic standing and excellent Coop work experience ratings.



The RHED program is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for careers in the fields of recreation, wellness and health promotion, leadership and administration. Course work provides preparation in the planning, implementation, evaluation and supervision of a variety of programs that support healthy lifestyle options and social change. Students take courses such as human wellness and potential, community and population health, leadership methods, anatomy, physiology, program planning, exercise prescription, foundations of outdoor education, developmental and adaptive physical activity and foundations of recreation and leisure.

You will find our graduates working in a variety of settings such as recreation centres, fitness and sport facilities, community schools, hospitals, retirement homes, in municipal, provincial, and federal government, not-for-profit agencies and the private sector. You will find them working with people of all ages – youth, adults, seniors, people living with disabilities, and athletes. You will also find them working in Canada, the United States and overseas.

The Recreation and Health Education program is available only as a Cooperative Education model. This is a minimum four and half year program which combines academic study on campus with alternating cooperative education periods of work in a variety of agencies.

New students enter the Faculties of Humanities, Social Science or Science in Year One and apply by January 31 in their first year to transfer into the Faculty of Education, School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education for their second year.

We also welcome students who would like to transfer from other areas of study or other colleges and universities.


How do I apply?

Applications to the RHED program must be received by January 31 for admittance into the program for the following September. Students transferring from college and universities should complete an Application for Admission form (see section for "New University of Victoria students").

Re-registering UVIC students may obtain an application form from the School of EPHE (main office, room 120, McKinnon Building) or by downloading it from the School's website (see section for "Returning University of Victoria students").

What do I need in order to apply to the RHED program?

  • Completion of at least 12 units of post-secondary coursework with a minimum grade point average of 4.00 (on a 9 point scale)
  • Completion of 3 units of English - (2 of the following courses) 115, 135,125,145
  • Completion of PE 143 (Scientific, Philosophic, Historical and Psycho-sociological Bases of Physical Activity)
  • Interview (in-person or paper) by the School of EPHE

How many people get into RHED each year?

Approximately 30 people are accepted each year into the RHED program.

Do I automatically get accepted if I have all the requirements?

Unfortunately, there are usually more people applying to get into RHED than there are spots available. Once all admission requirements (listed above) have been assessed, grade point average becomes the most important factor in determining who gets into the program and who does not. A GPA of 4.00, while required to APPLY to the program, does not always guarantee acceptance.
What if I don’t get in to RHED?

All UVic students are welcome to take our 1st and 2nd year courses, regardless of their program of study. While there is a block on registering for these courses(giving students in the School of EPHE first priority), after the end of July (fall session) and October (winter session), any UVic student can register. There are also 18 units of electives in the RHED program, 7.5 of which must be upper level (300 or 400) and completed outside of the Faculty of Education, which you can also take while officially not in our RHED program.

What courses will I take in the RHED program?

The core courses in RHED are:

  • Human Anatomy(PE 141), Human Wellness and Potential (PE 142), Scientific, Philosophic, Historical and Psycho-sociological Bases of Physical Activity (PE 143)
  • Introduction to Human Systemic Physiology (PE 241B), Foundations of Recreation and Leisure (PE 243), Canadian Recreation Delivery Systems (PE 244), Leadership Methods for Recreation (PE 252), Program Planning (253), Foundations of Outdoor Recreation (PE 270).
  • 3 Skill Performance & Analysis courses (SPA) – choose from  (PE 104-135)
  • Community and Population Health (PE 351), Administration in Leisure and Health Related Services (PE 354A & B), Principles of Facility Administration (PE 356) and Exercise Prescription (PE 360)
  • Developmental& Adaptive physical activity (PE 445), Marketing for Social Change (PE 454)

The core interdisciplinary courses in RHED are:

  • Elementary Computing (CCS 100 or 110)
  • 3 units of English – 2 of the following courses:  University Writing (ENGL 115), Poetry & Short Fiction (ENGL 125), Academic Reading and Writing (ENGL 135), Drama and the Novel (ENGL 145)
  • Introductory Psychology: Biological and Cognitive Emphasis (PSYCH 100 A) and Introductory Psychology: Social and Applied Emphasis (PSYCH 100 B)
  • Introduction to Sociology (SOC 100)
  • Technical Communications: Written and Verbal (ENGL 225)
  • Your choice of two upper level Public Administration (distance education) courses
  • Effective Interpersonal Communication (ED-D 417) and Introduction to Theories of Counselling (ED-D 418)


  • 18 units of electives; 7.5 of which must be approved upper level (300-400) and outside the Faculty of Education
  • By special permission  you are allowed to take 1.5 units of these upper level electives within the School of EPHE.  If you are taking a transfer course via the Open Learning University, please be sure that the course transfer is at a 3rd or 4th year level.
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