If Daniel Clowes were a teenage girl he might just be Enid Coleslaw (note the anagram) — the star of his comic Ghost World.

Why Ghost World? What does it mean?

"I was once walking around Chicago in a really bad neighborhood and in the midst of some really illegible gang graffiti, somebody had written 'Ghost World' very clearly on a garage.There was really something sort of beautiful about that. I had no idea if it was taken from a song or if it was something that somebody just made up, but it struck me as having a really evocative, poetic quality."


Clowes needed another way to validate his existence and bring his art to a greater audience. The answer: a screenplay.

Using sketches from Ghost World, Clowes wrote a screenplay for a movie featuring Enid Coleslaw and Becky Doppelmeyer, two teenagers who live in a strip-mall-studded, palm-tree-lined, undifferentiated world of fake '50s diners and existential pain.


With the help of Crumb director, Terry Zwigoff, Ghost World the movie was created.



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Updated on October 2, 2001