Ghost World creator Daniel Clowes has the design vision of an artist, the narrative voice of a writer, and the twisted sense of reality that only a comic book creator can have.

Clowes was born in Chicago on April 14th, 1961 — Jayne Mansfield's birthday. He became interested in American pop culture and was soon to become a part of it.

He studied art at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn because it was the only college that had a residence and Clowes couldn't afford rent.

In 1985, Fantagraphics Books starting publishing Clowes' first comic book series Lloyd Llewellyn, a private eye parody.

As Lloyd Llewellyn progressed, Clowes’ work became starker. In his drawings, he showed a harsher view of reality: the world of his new comic, Eightball.

Clowes has now created dozens of comic book series, several of which had been made into books.


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Updated on October 2, 2001