George O. Mackie:  Publications and research.

1. Biography.  This includes a bit of family background, schools and university, army service, marriage and family,  emigration to Canada,  hobbies and the way my work developed. Biography
2. CV and scientific publications. Lists books, book chapters and papers published in professional journals. CV-pubs
3. "An unstructured affair". This is an illustrated account of how I got interested in biology, the places I worked and the people I worked with.   Career
4. "Far Cathay". My father's account of his trip around the world in 1922. Far Cathay
5. "Mackie Men and the Empire". An  account of my Mackie and Owen forebears and their families and of my own war years in British Columbia.  MME
6. F.P.Mackie: career and publications (by Richard and George Mackie).  FPM-cv
7. "Life at Packhorse Farm". This is about my family after World War 2. Packhorse
8. "Mary Owen and Weston Elwes". An account of my mother's first marriage and of her husband's "other life" about which we knew nothing until recently. Mary and Weston
9. Recollections of her parents by my mother Mary Owen. Recollections
10. Stories by Aunt Chris (Chris)
11. Lawrence Mackie’s letters home during the second world war edited by  Peter Mackie. Letters
12. Gillian Mackie's "Letters from Belgrade", written when she was a graduate student studying in Yugoslavia in 1953-4. (Belgrade)
13. Gillian Mackie's "An Oxfordshire Childhood" (Iffley)
14.Gillian's Family Background, a companion piece to "An Oxfordshire Childhood" (Background)

15. Portraits by Valerie Rushton (Valerie)
16. Samples of my earthenware pottery:
Lithium-glazed ware
Galena-glazed earthenware
Traditional English slipware
17.  Christmas letters

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