No. 187 Summer 2014

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2014 Novella Prize Contest

  • Sarah Bernstein, "Clytaemnestra sits on the sofa in a housedress, talks soaps"
  • Richard Capling, "Mary's Day," "The Hawksbill Harvest"
  • Anne Compton, "Tablecloth & Other Compound Verbs," "Sleeping in the spare," "The River in Spring"
  • Read an interview with Anne Compton on her poetry.
  • Michael Meagher, "Outside Sobeys," "Skill Saws"
  • Cassidy McFadzean, "Habits"
  • Miranda Pearson, "The Fire Extinguisher," "And Everything in Between"
  • Peter Richardson, "Bohemians," "The Gleaners"
  • Doug Burnet Smith, "Television," "Suppose there's a place we don't know of," "Postcard"
  • Jan Zwicky, "Depth," "Effervescence," "Into the Gap," "Crying," "July," "Waking," "Light Industrial Park"
  • Read an interview with Jan Zwicky on her poetry.
  • Christopher Gudgeon, "Still Life with Birds and Dust"
  • Stephanie Harrington conducted a podcast with Christopher Gudgeon on his story. Listen to it here.
Creative Nonfiction
  • Madeline Sonik, "Dead Ewes"
  • Grain elevators in stormy skies, Southern Alberta, 1995
  • Digital image derived from an original silver halide negative
  • Collection of the artist