ACT 4, SCENE 1: Before Alexandria. OCTAVIUS CAESAR's camp.

his Army; OCTAVIUS CAESAR reading a letter]

OCTAVIUS CAESAR: He calls me boy; and chides, as he had power
To beat me out of Egypt; my messenger
He hath whipp'd with rods; dares me to personal combat,
Caesar to Antony: let the old ruffian know
I have many other ways to die; meantime                                           [5]
Laugh at his challenge.

MECAENAS:                     Caesar must think,
When one so great begins to rage, he's hunted
Even to falling. Give him no breath, but now
Make boot of his distraction: never anger
Made good guard for itself.                                                                      [10]

OCTAVIUS CAESAR:      Let our best heads
Know, that to-morrow the last of many battles
We mean to fight: within our files there are,
Of those that served Mark Antony but late,
Enough to fetch him in. See it done:
And feast the army; we have store to do't,                                           [15]
And they have earn'd the waste. Poor Antony!


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