ACT 4, SCENE 2: Alexandria. CLEOPATRA's palace.

CHARMIAN, IRAS, ALEXAS, with others]

MARK ANTONY: He will not fight with me, Domitius.

ENOBARBUS :                              No.

MARK ANTONY: Why should he not?

ENOBARBUS : He thinks, being twenty times of better fortune,
He is twenty men to one.

MARK ANTONY:           To-morrow, soldier,
By sea and land I'll fight: or I will live,                                                 [5]
Or bathe my dying honour in the blood
Shall make it live again. Woo't thou fight well?

ENOBARBUS : I'll strike, and cry 'Take all.'

MARK ANTONY:           Well said; come on.
Call forth my household servants: let's to-night
Be bounteous at our meal.                                                                       [10]

[Enter three or four Servitors]

                                        Give me thy hand,
Thou hast been rightly honest;--so hast thou;--
Thou,--and thou,--and thou:--you have served me well,
And kings have been your fellows.

CLEOPATRA: [Aside to ENOBARBUS ] What means this?

ENOBARBUS :[Aside to CLEOPATRA] 'Tis one of those odd
tricks which sorrow shoots
Out of the mind.                                                                                         [15]

MARK ANTONY:                And thou art honest too.
I wish I could be made so many men,
And all of you clapp'd up together in
An Antony, that I might do you service
So good as you have done.

All:                     The gods forbid!

MARK ANTONY: Well, my good fellows, wait on me to-night:                [20]
Scant not my cups; and make as much of me
As when mine empire was your fellow too,
And suffer'd my command.

CLEOPATRA: [Aside to ENOBARBUS ] What does he mean?

ENOBARBUS :[Aside to CLEOPATRA] To make his followers weep.

MARK ANTONY:           Tend me to-night;
May be it is the period of your duty:                                                      [25]
Haply you shall not see me more; or if,
A mangled shadow: perchance to-morrow
You'll serve another master. I look on you
As one that takes his leave. Mine honest friends,
I turn you not away; but, like a master                                                  [30]
Married to your good service, stay till death:
Tend me to-night two hours, I ask no more,
And the gods yield you for't!

ENOBARBUS:                What mean you, sir,
To give them this discomfort? Look, they weep;
And I, an ass, am onion-eyed: for shame,                                            [35]
Transform us not to women.

MARK ANTONY:                Ho, ho, ho!
Now the witch take me, if I meant it thus!
Grace grow where those drops fall! My hearty friends,
You take me in too dolorous a sense;
For I spake to you for your comfort; did desire you                           [40]
To burn this night with torches: know, my hearts,
I hope well of to-morrow; and will lead you
Where rather I'll expect victorious life
Than death and honour. Let's to supper, come,
And drown consideration.                                                                       [45]


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