ACT 4, SCENE 4: The same. A room in the palace.

others attending]

MARK ANTONY: Eros! mine armour, Eros!

CLEOPATRA:                Sleep a little.

MARK ANTONY: No, my chuck. Eros, come; mine armour, Eros!

[Enter EROS with armour]

Come good fellow, put mine iron on:
If fortune be not ours to-day, it is
Because we brave her: come.                                                                   [5]

CLEOPATRA:           Nay, I'll help too.
What's this for?

MARK ANTONY:                Ah, let be, let be! thou art
The armourer of my heart: false, false; this, this.

CLEOPATRA: Sooth, la, I'll help: thus it must be.

MARK ANTONY:                              Well, well;
We shall thrive now. Seest thou, my good fellow?
Go put on thy defences.                                                                            [10]

EROS:                               Briefly, sir.

CLEOPATRA: Is not this buckled well?

MARK ANTONY:           Rarely, rarely:
He that unbuckles this, till we do please
To daff't for our repose, shall hear a storm.
Thou fumblest, Eros; and my queen's a squire
More tight at this than thou: dispatch. O love,                                   [15]
That thou couldst see my wars to-day, and knew'st
The royal occupation! thou shouldst see
A workman in't.

[Enter an armed Soldier]

                          Good morrow to thee; welcome:
Thou look'st like him that knows a warlike charge:
To business that we love we rise betime,                                             [20]
And go to't with delight.

Soldier:                A thousand, sir,
Early though't be, have on their riveted trim,
And at the port expect you.

[Shout. Trumpets flourish]

[Enter Captains and Soldiers]

Captain: The morn is fair. Good morrow, general.

All: Good morrow, general.                                                                                  [25]

MARK ANTONY:           'Tis well blown, lads:
This morning, like the spirit of a youth
That means to be of note, begins betimes.
So, so; come, give me that: this way; well said.
Fare thee well, dame, whate'er becomes of me:
This is a soldier's kiss: rebukable                                                            [30]

[Kisses her]

And worthy shameful cheque it were, to stand
On more mechanic compliment; I'll leave thee
Now, like a man of steel. You that will fight,
Follow me close; I'll bring you to't. Adieu.

[Exeunt MARK ANTONY, EROS, Captains, and Soldiers]

CHARMIAN: Please you, retire to your chamber.                                          [35]

CLEOPATRA:                               Lead me.
He goes forth gallantly. That he and Caesar might
Determine this great war in single fight!
Then Antony,--but now--Well, on.


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