ACT 4, SCENE 5: Alexandria. MARK ANTONY's camp.

[Trumpets sound. Enter MARK ANTONY and EROS; a
Soldier meeting them]

Soldier: The gods make this a happy day to Antony!

MARK ANTONY: Would thou and those thy scars had once prevail'd
To make me fight at land!

Soldier:                          Hadst thou done so,
The kings that have revolted, and the soldier
That has this morning left thee, would have still                              [5]
Follow'd thy heels.

MARK ANTONY:          Who's gone this morning?

Soldier:                          Who!
One ever near thee: call for Enobarbus,
He shall not hear thee; or from Caesar's camp
Say 'I am none of thine.'

MARK ANTONY:           What say'st thou?

Soldier:          Sir,
He is with Caesar.                                                                                       [10]

EROS:                Sir, his chests and treasure
He has not with him.

MARK ANTONY:           Is he gone?

Soldier:                               Most certain.

MARK ANTONY: Go, Eros, send his treasure after; do it;
Detain no jot, I charge thee: write to him--
I will subscribe--gentle adieus and greetings;
Say that I wish he never find more cause                                            [15]
To change a master. O, my fortunes have
Corrupted honest men! Dispatch.--Enobarbus!


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