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Table of Contents: Course Two
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There will be three assignments during the term, each designed to introduce you to a different way of studying. There will also be a three-hour, open book exam at the end of the course.

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The Assignments

Assignment #1

Logging on to the Web Board. This assignment is a requirement (pass/fail) of the course; you must log on successfully to the Web Board by the end of the second week of the term. Though it is not a formal assignment, you will have the choice of including participation in the Web Board as a part of your grading as in first term. You will find detailed instructions on logging on to the Web Board on this page.

Assignment #2

Internet Exploration and Research Project. Your second written assignment for the course will be a research paper on the Renaissance background, using the Internet site Shakespeare's Life and Times http://web.uvic.ca/shakespeare/Library/SLT/ as a starting point for exploration of your topic.

The topic you choose should demonstrate how the context you research illuminates a particular passage, character, scene, or issue in one of the plays you are studying. Remember that this is a research essay at a senior level; you must include at least one primary Renaissance source in your discussion. You will also be expected to include a list of Works Cited and, if necessary, a Bibliography. Be sure to follow the conventions of citation in the text of your essay as outlined in the Writer's Guide.

Note: You must submit a proposal for the topic you choose by email at least two weeks before it is due. Essays that have not been approved in advance will not be accepted.

Assignment #3

An explication of a short passage from one of the set plays. An explication is a "close reading" of a passage. You will be given a choice of two passages from Antony and Cleopatra. Note that this is a play you will not yet have discussed in tutorial; the intention is to give you a strong incentive to work on the play in your own way, developing your own ideas about it. 800-1,000 words. You may wish to view some sample explications to help you get started.

Assignment #4

Participation in the Bulletin Board. Students who contribute at least once a week, on average, and who respond thoughtfully to the postings of others, will receive at least 80% in this assignment; the top 20% will be achieved by those whose contributions are particularly well supported. Other levels of interaction will be graded according to a balance between the frequency of contribution and the quality of the postings. Web Board contributions will not be marked for grammar and spelling.

Final Examination

The final examination will be scheduled through Records Services like other University exams, so you will find out when it is scheduled at the same time as you find out about your other courses. You will have three hours to write the examination, and you will have access to your text of the plays (but no notes or other materials). In addition, at the start of the exam you will be given ten minutes (not included in the three hours) in which to read through the exam and think about which questions you will choose to answer. There is some sage advice about preparing for the final exam in the Assignment file.

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The Objectives of the Assignments

The assignments in this course are designed to fulfill several different objectives in addition to the obvious one, to evaluate your performance:

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Table of Contents: Course Two

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