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Histories and Tragedies: The Computer Component

The Web Board

One of the ways in which this course is structured to encourage discussion both between students and between students and instructor is an electronic bulletin board. A short manual is available separately to explain how to use the Web Board.

Your first assignment is simply to register as a member of the Web Board and to send a short message. You will find detailed instructions on this assignment in the Assignment chapter that follows this section.

Participation in the Web Board counts for 10% of the course grade.

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Other Computer Interaction

Blocking a Scene from Hamlet or Macbeth

Your third assignment for the course will be to use a computer program that allows you to become the director of a scene from Shakespeare.

Scenario is designed to encourage you to become a director rather than merely a reader of Shakespeare's work. It will encourage you to see his plays as blueprints for action rather than as flat words on the page: like a score in music, the text of the play is waiting to be given life by performance.

Electronic Submission of Assignments

All assignments for the course will be submitted by email. You will receive your marked assignment by the same method. More details will be found below in the section on assignments and in the next chapter of this Guide.
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