ACT 4, SCENE 5: Gloucester's castle.


REGAN: But are my brother's powers set forth?

OSWALD:                           Ay, madam.

REGAN: Himself in person there?

OSWALD:                           Madam, with much ado:
Your sister is the better soldier.

REGAN: Lord Edmund spake not with your lord at home?

OSWALD: No, madam.                                                                                        [5]

REGAN: What might import my sister's letter to him?

OSWALD: I know not, lady.

REGAN: 'Faith, he is posted hence on serious matter.
It was great ignorance, Gloucester's eyes being out,
To let him live: where he arrives he moves                                      [10]
All hearts against us: Edmund, I think, is gone,
In pity of his misery, to dispatch
His nighted life: moreover, to descry
The strength o' the enemy.

OSWALD: I must needs after him, madam, with my letter.                       [15]

REGAN: Our troops set forth to-morrow: stay with us;
The ways are dangerous.

OSWALD:                           I may not, madam:
My lady charged my duty in this business.

REGAN: Why should she write to Edmund? Might not you
Transport her purposes by word? Belike,                                            [20]
Something--I know not what: I'll love thee much,
Let me unseal the letter.

OSWALD:                           Madam, I had rather--

REGAN: I know your lady does not love her husband;
I am sure of that: and at her late being here
She gave strange ¦illades and most speaking looks                         [25]
To noble Edmund. I know you are of her bosom.

OSWALD: I, madam?

REGAN: I speak in understanding; you are; I know't:
Therefore I do advise you, take this note:
My lord is dead; Edmund and I have talk'd;                                        [30]
And more convenient is he for my hand
Than for your lady's: you may gather more.
If you do find him, pray you, give him this;
And when your mistress hears thus much from you,
I pray, desire her call her wisdom to her.                                             [35]
So, fare you well.
If you do chance to hear of that blind traitor,
Preferment falls on him that cuts him off.

OSWALD: Would I could meet him, madam! I should show
What party I do follow.                                                                             [40]

REGAN:                           Fare thee well.


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