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Act 4, Scene 1

[Enter MARIANA and a Boy]

[Boy sings]

Take, O, take those lips away,
That so sweetly were forsworn;
And those eyes, the break of day,
Lights that do mislead the morn:
But my kisses bring again, bring again;     [5]
Seals of love, but sealed in vain, sealed in vain.

MARIANA: Break off thy song, and haste thee quick away:
Here comes a man of comfort, whose advice
Hath often still'd my brawling discontent.

[Exit Boy]

[Enter DUKE VINCENTIO disguised as before]

I cry you mercy, sir; and well could wish     [10]
You had not found me here so musical:
Let me excuse me, and believe me so,
My mirth it much displeased, but pleased my woe.

DUKE VINCENTIO: 'Tis good; though music oft hath such a charm
To make bad good, and good provoke to harm.     [15]
I pray, you, tell me, hath any body inquired
for me here to-day? much upon this time have
I promised here to meet.

MARIANA: You have not been inquired after:
I have sat here all day.     [20]


DUKE VINCENTIO: I do constantly believe you. The time is come even
now. I shall crave your forbearance a little: may
be I will call upon you anon, for some advantage to yourself.

MARIANA: I am always bound to you.


DUKE VINCENTIO: Very well met, and well come.     [25]
What is the news from this good deputy?

ISABELLA: He hath a garden circummured with brick,
Whose western side is with a vineyard back'd;
And to that vineyard is a planched gate,
That makes his opening with this bigger key:     [30]
This other doth command a little door
Which from the vineyard to the garden leads;
There have I made my promise
Upon the heavy middle of the night
To call upon him.     [35]

DUKE VINCENTIO: But shall you on your knowledge find this way?

ISABELLA: I have ta'en a due and wary note upon't:
With whispering and most guilty diligence,
In action all of precept, he did show me
The way twice o'er.     [40]

DUKE VINCENTIO: Are there no other tokens
Between you 'greed concerning her observance?

ISABELLA: No, none, but only a repair i' the dark;
And that I have possess'd him my most stay
Can be but brief; for I have made him know     [45]
I have a servant comes with me along,
That stays upon me, whose persuasion is
I come about my brother.

DUKE VINCENTIO: 'Tis well borne up.
I have not yet made known to Mariana     [50]
A word of this. What, ho! within! come forth!

[Re-enter MARIANA]

I pray you, be acquainted with this maid;
She comes to do you good.

ISABELLA: I do desire the like.

DUKE VINCENTIO: Do you persuade yourself that I respect you?     [55]

MARIANA: Good friar, I know you do, and have found it.

DUKE VINCENTIO: Take, then, this your companion by the hand,
Who hath a story ready for your ear.
I shall attend your leisure: but make haste;
The vaporous night approaches.     [60]

MARIANA: Will't please you walk aside?


DUKE VINCENTIO: O place and greatness! millions of false eyes
Are stuck upon thee: volumes of report
Run with these false and most contrarious quests
Upon thy doings: thousand escapes of wit     [65]
Make thee the father of their idle dreams
And rack thee in their fancies.


                     Welcome, how agreed?

ISABELLA: She'll take the enterprise upon her, father,
If you advise it.

DUKE VINCENTIO:                It is not my consent,
But my entreaty too.     [70]

ISABELLA: Little have you to say
When you depart from him, but, soft and low,
'Remember now my brother.'

MARIANA: Fear me not.

DUKE VINCENTIO: Nor, gentle daughter, fear you not at all.     [75]
He is your husband on a pre-contract:
To bring you thus together, 'tis no sin,
Sith that the justice of your title to him
Doth flourish the deceit. Come, let us go:
Our corn's to reap, for yet our tithe's to sow.     [80]


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