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Act 4, Scene 5

[Enter DUKE VINCENTIO in his own habit, and FRIAR PETER]

DUKE VINCENTIO: These letters at fit time deliver me

[Giving letters]

The provost knows our purpose and our plot.
The matter being afoot, keep your instruction,
And hold you ever to our special drift;
Though sometimes you do blench from this to that,     [5]
As cause doth minister. Go call at Flavius' house,
And tell him where I stay: give the like notice
To Valentinus, Rowland, and to Crassus,
And bid them bring the trumpets to the gate;
But send me Flavius first.     [10]

FRIAR PETER: It shall be speeded well.



DUKE VINCENTIO: I thank thee, Varrius; thou hast made good haste:
Come, we will walk. There's other of our friends
Will greet us here anon, my gentle Varrius.


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