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Act 4, Scene 6


ISABELLA: To speak so indirectly I am loath:
I would say the truth; but to accuse him so,
That is your part: yet I am advised to do it;
He says, to veil full purpose.

MARIANA: Be ruled by him.     [5]

ISABELLA: Besides, he tells me that, if peradventure
He speak against me on the adverse side,
I should not think it strange; for 'tis a physic
That's bitter to sweet end.

MARIANA: I would Friar Peter--     [10]

ISABELLA: O, peace! the friar is come.


FRIAR PETER: Come, I have found you out a stand most fit,
Where you may have such vantage on the duke,
He shall not pass you. Twice have the trumpets sounded;
The generous and gravest citizens     [15]
Have hent the gates, and very near upon
The duke is entering: therefore, hence, away!


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