ACT 5, SCENE 4: The same.

Enter EXTON and Servant.

EXTON: Didst thou not mark the king, what words he spake,
'Have I no friend will rid me of this living fear?'
Was it not so?

Servant:                           These were his very words.

EXTON: 'Have I no friend?' quoth he: he spake it twice,
And urged it twice together, did he not?                                              [5]

Servant: He did.

EXTON: And speaking it, he wistly look'd on me;
As who should say, 'I would thou wert the man
That would divorce this terror from my heart;'
Meaning the king at Pomfret. Come, let's go:                                     [10]
I am the king's friend, and will rid his foe.


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