Plutarch and Shakespeare Compared

The Life of Marcus Antonius Antony and Cleopatra
He [Antony], however, once more, upon some unfavourable stories, [was] taking offence against Caesar[.] MARK ANTONY
Nay, nay, Octavia, not only that,--
That were excusable, that, and thousands more
Of semblable import,--but he hath waged
New wars 'gainst Pompey; made his will, and read it
To public ear:
Spoke scantly of me: when perforce he could not
But pay me terms of honour, cold and sickly
He vented them; most narrow measure lent me:
When the best hint was given him, he not took't,
Or did it from his teeth.



Plutarch writes that in response to these offenses, Antony sailed for Italy with his army, and was only prevented making war by the intervention of Octavia.
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