Plutarch and Shakespeare Compared

The Life of Marcus Antonius Antony and Cleopatra
That day and the three following the sea was so rough they could not engage. But on the fifth there was a calm, and they fought; Antony commanding with Publicola the right, and Coelius the left squadron, Marcus Octavius and Marcus Insteius the centre. Caesar gave the charge of the left to Agrippa, commanding in person on the right. As for the land-forces, Canidius was general for Antony, Taurus for Caesar[.] CANIDIUS
Marcus Octavius, Marcus Justeius,
Publicola, and Caelius, are for sea:
But we keep whole by land. This speed of Caesar's
Carries beyond belief.
While he was yet in Rome,
His power went out in such distractions as
Beguiled all spies.
Who's his lieutenant, hear you?
They say, one Taurus.



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