The Story of Antony and Cleopatra:

A Comparative Exploration of Text and Source

Welcome. This series of connected pages presents a comparative exploration of Shakespeare'sAntony and Cleopatra and Plutarch's The Life of Marcus Antonius, Shakespeares primary source for Antony and Cleopatra. Short passages from both texts, set side by side, offer a unique perspective on Shakespeare's use of source, and on how narrative becomes drama.

Click here to begin browsing Shakespeare and Plutarch Compared. Within the 61 "pages" of compared text, I've tried to devote each page to a short passage of one or two paragraphs. In some cases, though, the pages are longer - at times, what Plutarch manages to say in one line, Shakespeare says in twenty!

At the bottom of each "page" are four icons:

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In addition to the icons, a brief line at the botttem of each page notes it page number out of 61. The passages are arranged in order of Act, Scene and Line number, so you can follow the play through in logical order. The line number references correspond to The Complete Signet Classic Shakespeare (1972 edition). The Plutarch text is drawn from an on-line version, making page references impossible.

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