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English 366D: Timetable

 Week  Play Assignment Due Date
1 Introduction; Romeo and Juliet    
2 Romeo and Juliet 1: Web Board Friday of week 2
17 September
3 Henry IV, Part One    
4 Henry IV, Part One    
5 Hamlet    
6 Hamlet    
7 Macbeth 2: Scene or video review Friday of week 7
22 October
8 King Lear    
9 King Lear    
10  Othello 3: Explication Friday of week 10 
19 November
11  Antony and Cleopatra    
12  Antony and Cleopatra    
  4. Participation in Bulletin Board [Throughout]
  5. Final Examination [TBA]

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How to Work through the Course

Once you have read this introduction, turn to module 1. Read the introduction; it will direct you to read the first play, and it will explain an approach to reading Shakespeare if you are unfamiliar with Elizabethan English.

Follow the instructions in the module booklets as you progress through ENGL 366D. You will find informal, provocative questions highlighted. Think about these as you read and reread the plays. The discussion of each play concludes with a more formal set of study questions, each designed to be part of the discussion in tutorial and on the Bulletin Board.

The module booklets also suggest when it would be helpful to listen to the audio tapes. Contact your instructor if you need help.

At the end of each module you will find information about your next assignment. You will be given advice about what you should be working on even if no assignment is due in the week or weeks covered by the module. Before you begin work on an assignment, make sure that you have completed the study questions and readings appropriate to it.
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