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Histories and Tragedies: The Tutorials

Office Hours and Computer Assistance

Your instructor will have two office hours per week. In this course especially you should consider office hours a time when you can conveniently supplement the various materials you are working with. I am there to be consulted: you can ask questions about any aspect of the course, and can receive individual assistance on the computer component of the course if you need it. If you can't make it to my office hours, the best way of reaching me is by e-mail (I check it at several time a day); alternatively you can phone during my office hours at 721-6210. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

General assistance on computer matters is available in the MacLab.

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The Tutorials

The weekly tutorial for the course will be the most important way for you to learn about differing approaches to the plays. Sections will be limited to about twenty students, so there will be an opportunity for all to participate.

In each tutorial we will discuss in detail a short passage from the play under study, to prepare for the final assignment, the explication. You will find a list of passages for discussion here.

In preparation for the tutorial you should

Note that you will be asked to come prepared with at least two questions about the play, the readings, or the commentary in the Course Guide.

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Your Course Instructor

The Course Instructor is also the Course Designer. He will oversee the general functioning of the course, and will be available for personal consultation by e-mail, phone, or in person by appointment. In addition he will: Be sure to contact your Course Instructor or Tutor for any of these reasons (and any other problems you may have):

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Problems and Complaints

The first thing to do if you have a problem with the course is to approach the Course Instructor directly--in person, by phone, or by email. If you are not satisfied, you should go one step higher: speak to the Director of the Language Program. Hey, nobody's perfect. You should also be aware that the Department of English has two Equity Officers (one male, one female) if your problem has to do with issues that concern equity. The UVSS also has an Ombudsperson.
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