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English 200A F03: Outline

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See also my grade scale, and policies on late essays and rewrites.

Texts for the course

  1. The Norton Anthology of English Literature, volume 1A: "The Middle Ages"
  2. The Norton Anthology of English Literature, volume 1B: "The Sixteenth Century; The Early Seventeenth Century"
  3. A Writer's Guide (Department of English, UVic).

Schedule of classes and assignments

Sept. 8Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales, "General Prologue"  
Sept 15 "The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale"  
Sept 19 Translation5%
Sept 24Julian of Norwich (selections)  
Sept 29Margery Kempe (selections)  
Oct 6Everyman  
Oct 8Marlowe, Dr Faustus  
Oct 10 Explication20%
Oct 20Spenser, The Faerie Queene Book I  
Oct 29Shakespeare, King Lear  
Nov 14 Essay30%
Nov 24Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I  
Dec 3 Journal/Web Board 10%
December (TBA) Final exam35%

Office hours

Clearihue D327, Mondays at 2:30, Thursdays at 1:30. Email, <mbest1@uvic.ca>.

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