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The Web Board

Due date:The Web Board will be available until the day before the exam.

A web board has been established for the course.

  1. Go to <http://webboard.uvic.ca/>
  2. Enter your UVic id and password
  3. Select "English 200A F03"
  4. Click on "Submit"

Contributions to the Web Board need not be formal, and will not in any sense be "marked." You may choose to gain 10% of your course grade from contributing regularly. You are expected to respect the postings of others, even when you find them banal or irritating.

Students who contribute thoughtfully on average once per week will receive a minimum of 80%, with the final 20% reserved for particularly good postings. Those who contribute less often will receive proportionately lower marks.

Important: when you first log on to the Web Board you must create a "profile" for yourself so that your postings can be identified. Click on the link "More..." at the top of the screen, and select "Edit your profile" from the list in the right hand frame.


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