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English 366B, Section S02 2007: Home Page

M. R. Best


On this page:

See also the list of readings and my grade scale for the course.

Schedule of classes and assignments

date play assignment
Focus 1: Individual responsibility
January 3Introduction 
January 5-16Richard II 
January 12 Web Board registration (10% for participation)
January 17-30Hamlet 
January 26 Short Assignment: A passage edited (20%)
Focus 2: Human agency
January 30-February 9King John 
February 13-28King Lear 
February 20-23Reading break 
Focus 3: Passion and power
March 2-9Macbeth 
March 13-21Othello 
March 16 Major assignment (35%)
March 23-April 3Antony and Cleopatra 
April 4Summary 
TBA Exam (35%)


Any good modern edition with adequate annotations is acceptable. I have orderd The Necessary Shakespeare, edited by David Bevington, as it is less expensive (and less heavy) than a full Complete Works. You may, however use the Norton, Riverside, Signet, or Bevington Complete Works; or you may buy the plays in single volume editions. If you use The Necessary Shakespeare, you should also get the Signet edition of King John (which comes with Henry VIII as a bonus)

I also recommend the English Department's Writer's Guide for information about citation, bibliography and so on.

Office hours

Clearihue [TBA], Wednesday at 10:30. Email, <mbest1@uvic.ca>.

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