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King Lear: Notes (3), the "falling action"

  • Sunshine and rain at once (Quarto).
  • Edgar and Gloucester: the child leads the father (4.1 and 4.6).
    • The "fall" from the cliffs at Dover (4.6).
    • "Henceforth I'll bear/Affliction till it do cry out itself/'Enough, enough" (4.6.75-6).
    • Edgar's change of accent.
  • Reason in madness: Lear fantastically dressed with flowers (4.6.80):
    • Lear's obsession with female sexuality (4.6.110-30)
    • His awareness of the flawed nature of justice (157-69).
  • False dawn: Lear is reunited with Cordelia (4.7).
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