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The male view of Desdemona -- and of women in general

Cassio kisses Desdemona's hand.

  • Cassio
    • A Florentine (Iago -- 1.1.21) -- a person of courtly manners and gestures.
    • Sees Desdemona as "a most fresh and delicate creature . . . indeed perfection" (2.3.20)
    • But compare his attitude to Bianca (see 4.1.110-70)
  • Rodrigo (how does he see Desdemona?)
  • Iago
    • His language as he rouses Brabantio from his bed (1.1.89ff)
    • As he speaks to Rodrigo (1.3.337) where love is "merely a lust of the blood and a permission of the will"
    • With Desdemona and Cassio (2.1.165-76): voyeur or commentator?
    • His relationship with Emilia
    • His dismissal of Bianca (5.1.117): "This is the fruits of whoring"




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