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Thomas Rhymer on Othello

Thomas Rymer, whose taste was neo-classical, wrote in the late seventeenth century:

The moral, sure, of this Fable is very instructive. First, This may be a caution to all Maidens of Quality, how, without their Parents consent, they run away with Blackamoors. Secondly, This may be a warning to all good Wives that they may look well to their Linnen. Thirdly, This may be a lesson to Husbands, that before their Jealousie be Tragical, the proofs may be Mathematical. . . . But the tragical part is, plainly none other, than a Bloody Farce, without salt or savour.

Thomas Rymer, "Short View of Tragedy," in Critical Works of Thomas Rymer, ed. by Curt A. Zimansky, New Haven, London, 1956: 132, 164.




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