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Order and Disorder (2)

The Bishop of Carlisle speakes his mind

Bull. In Gods name Ile ascend the regall throne.
Car. Mary God forbid.
Worst in this royall presence may I speake.
Yet best beseeming me to speake the truth,
Would God that any in this noble presence,
Were enough noble to be vpright iudge
Of noble Richard. Then true noblesse would
Learne him forbearance from so foule a wrong,
What subiect can giue sentence on his King:
And who sits here that is not Richards subiect?
Theeues are not iudgd but they are by to heare,
Although apparant guilt be seene in them,
And shall the figure of Gods Maiesty,
His Captaine, steward, deputy, elect,
Annointed, crowned, planted, many yeares
Be iudgd by subiect and inferiour breath,
And he himselfe not present? Oh forfend it God,
That in a Christian climate soules refinde,
Should shew so heinous blacke obsceene a deed
I speake to subiects and a subiect speakes,
Stird vp by God thus boldly for his King,
My Lord of Hereford here whom you call King,
Is a foule traitour to proud Herefords King,
And if you crowne him let me prophesie,
The bloud of English shall manure the ground,
And future ages groane for this foule act,
Peace shall go sleepe with turkes and infidels,
And in this seate of peace, tumultuous warres,
Shall kin with kin, and kinde with kind confound:
Disorder, horror, feare, and mutiny,
Shall heere inhabit, and this land be cald,
The field of Golgotha and dead mens sculs.
Oh if you raise this house against this house,
It will the wofullest diuision proue,
That euer fell vpon this cursed earth:
Preuent it, resist it, let it not be so,
Lest child, childs children, crie against you wo.
North. Well haue you argued sir, and for your paines,
Of Capitall treason, we arrest you heere:
My Lord of Westminster, be it your charge,
To keepe him safely till his day of triall.
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