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The Dream: Staging

  1. Early stages: Mysteries, moralities, and interludes
    How were later plays shaped by the traditions of staging in the early drama?

  2. The public, or arena stage: the sources from which we reconstruct it
    What kinds of things do we not know about the stage?

  3. Politics and the stage: the theatre as a transgressive space
    Have you seen any signs of subversive use of the theatre in the early comedies?
    What do you learn about the play within the play in the Dream?

  4. The Globes: all the world...
    The first Globe: http://web.UVic.CA/shakespeare/Library/SLT/stage/globe.html
    The second Globe and its modern reconstruction: http://web.UVic.CA/shakespeare/Library/SLT/stage/globe2.html
    Can we really reconstruct a theatre, and a culture, now long gone?

  5. Costume and audiences: gulls and abuses
    Costumes: http://web.UVic.CA/shakespeare/Library/SLT/stage/fashion.html
    The audiences: http://web.UVic.CA/shakespeare/Library/SLT/stage/audience.html
    How do today's audiences compare?

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