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The Dream: Some models

  1. Roman New Comedy and the lovers' quadrille
    How does the Dream differ from Plautine comedy?

  2. Courtly entertainments
    Plays: http://web.UVic.CA/shakespeare/Library/SLT/stage/court.html
    Hunting: http://web.UVic.CA/shakespeare/Library/SLT/society/hunting.html
    An office of revels: http://web.UVic.CA/shakespeare/Library/SLT/society/revels.html
    Does the Dream flatter or criticize the Court?

  3. Courtly politics, virgin queens and amazon queens
    Is the Dream a political play?

  4. Popular drama: "A Lamentable Tragedy, Mixed full of Pleasant Mirth"
    Why the fifth act of the Dream? The plots are all resolved.

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