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The Web Board

A web board has been established for the course.

  1. Go to http://webboard.uvic.ca/.
  2. Enter your UVic NetLink id and password on the left of the screen.
  3. On the screen you are taken to, click on Spring 2009 Courses.
  4. On the next screen, click on UVic ENGL 366C 2009S A03
  5. (Almost there) Now click on the link to the course page.

You will see a list of "conferences"; I will create one for each of the plays we are studying. There are also conferences to allow for announcements and discussion of assignments. Click on the conference that interests you (there will at least one message from me in each). Once there you can respond to a topic already created, or create your own.

Contributions to the Web Board need not be formal, and will not in any sense be "marked." You will earn 10% of your course grade from contributing regularly; I expect a total of not less than ten thoughtful contributions over the course of the term. If you achieve this level of participation you will receive a mark of 80% on this assignment; the remaining 20% will be earned if your comments are especially insightful, or stimulate good discussion from others.

Note: Since our exam is so late in the exam period, I am leaving the Web Board active until Wednesday April 15th. You must submit hard copy of your contributions that day to my mailbox in the English Department, or by midnight by email as an attachment. If you have planned your contributions carefully, these will assist you in your final revision before the exam.

You are expected to respect the postings of others, even when you find them banal or irritating.

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