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Grading scale

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I follow the standard equivalents for percentage and letter grades at the University of Victoria.


Policy on late essays

There is no penalty for late assignments when you have received an extension before the due date. Late assignments will be marked, but will be assessed a penalty of at least 5% and not more than 10%.

Policy on plagiarism

Plagiarism will result in a reduction of the grade on the assignment that will vary from a reduction of a minimum of 25% to the award of an F for the assignment. I am fluent in tracing plagiarism from the Internet.

Policy regarding attendance

Bi-weekly attendance in the course is expected. A student who must be absent from a course for a serious reason must contact me before the missed class and explain why she or he will not be in attendance. If a student misses a class without prior notice being given, I will expect a full explanation in writing afterwards, and may choose to reduce the student's grade by not more than 2.5%. I will notify the Director of the Graduate Program of any such instances.


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