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English 521: Course Outline

On this page: See also the page that records the course policy on grades, late essays, plagiarism, and attendance.

Schedule of Seminars

May 10: Introduction: Romeo and Juliet and film

May 12: Original practices

May 17: Romeo and Juliet (2)


May 19, 24: The Merchant of Venice

May 26: The Merchant of Venice (3); King Lear

May 31, June 2: King Lear

June 7: As You Like It (1)

June 9: As You Like It

June 14: As You Like It (2)

June 16: ACH conference / The Winter's Tale (1)

June 21: The Winter's Tale (2)


Topics to be explored

Office Hours and Grade Scale

My office is Clearihue D335; I am available after class for as long as needed. I respond promptly to email: <mbest1@uvic.ca>.

I use the standard grade scale for the English Department.

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