What is ARTS

What is ARTS and how does it work?

ARTS is an acronym for Augmented Reality Tagging System, the project developed by Luke Mclaren, Sarah Nicholson, Devin Corrigall, Haoyan Xu, and Andrew Hansen under the supervison of Dr. Weber for the requirements of Software Engineering 499 offered at the University of Victoria during the summer semester of 2016.

The tagging system makes it possible to quickly view any content within augmented reality. Users are able to upload content through the web client and generate an anchor tag. These anchor tags may be placed within any visual context, revealing their content in augmented reality when viewed through the mobile application.

Using ARTS

Define and view YOUR content in Augmented Reality

Users are able to generate anchor tags through the web client hosted at artag.xyz. The anchor tags generated here are able to be placed anywhere and reveal their defined content while viewed through the mobile application.

The site currently allows users to define their content as an image, which can be a maximum of 1 mb, or text, which is restricted to 2500 characters.

Currently ARTS is available through the Google Play Store for download on Android devices, the application is currently under development for iOS devices.

System Design

Using the latest in Augmented Reality technology

The system is designed on a modified web-client architecture, with two distinct client types: a web client and a mobile app. Web client content is sent to the web server which stores the content in a non-relational database and returns a unique key used to generate the Anchor Tag. The mobile client scans the generated anchor tag, sending the unique key to the server which returns the content to be displayed in augmented reality.

Examples Uses

Creative uses for ARTS

Wherever content would benifit from being viewed within visual context, ARTS can be leveraged. For example tourist attractions which feature historic ruins may wish to overlay reconstructions of the ruins, allowing visitors to gain a sense of the historic architecture.

Another example of use could be an augmented reality gallery where the artwork is revealed once the anchor tag has been viewed through the mobile application. This artwork would not need to stay within the bounds of the frame and could interact within the visual context of many other pieces.


ARTS future pricing scheme

Currently ARTS is a free product without pricing, in the future user accounts will be implemented and the following pricing scheme will be implemented.

The pricing scheme best suited for a user is based on that user's number of expected anchor tags they'll be using as well as the number of monthly views they expect.

User Tier Anchor Tag Count Monthly Anchor Tag Views Monthly Price
Free 5 100 $0
Basic 500 10,00 $15