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Cell Phones

young girl and cell phone

young people having coffee and being on the cell phone


internet map, opte project boy on computer

Instant Messaging

instant messaging screen shot

Visualization of an Individual's Location in a Social Networking Site (Friendster)

youth in social networks (j. heer & d.boyd)

This site offers:

youth's own stories about their experiences with cell phones, MSN and Internet

research resources on how children and youth use, experience, feel and think about ICT and some general resources on implications of ICT use

I have collected these stories and resources during my own M.A./Ph.D. research with Youth, exploring "how the Internet matters to youth" at the University of Victoria, Canada, 1997-2007. For links to my research click on about the site and presentations and publications.






Featured Links

UNESCO Report (2007) on Ethical Implications of Emerging Technologies

Why youth (heart) social networking sites (Boyd, D., in press)
Online Youth Victimization (Congressional Internet Caucus Conference, May 2, 2007)
Online Harassment and Cyberbullying
Pew Internet Report, 2007



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