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<Z> Basically when I'm online, I'll usually be taking on my positions of being a community leader. Leading the special events team for AOL's chat hosting, monitoring message boards, coordinating the newsletter . . .
<M> what kind of special events do you do? can you maybe give an exa...mple?
<Z> Sure ... for Halloween, we did a Halloween Frightfest, and last Tuesday we created a "World AIDS Day" area. Right now our current event is the Winter Holidays Area, which launched on Thursday. It includes an area for Chanukah, and area for Christmas,an area for Kwanza, an area for New Years, and an area for Yule which is being created. With that, we have booked a special chat with Kimberly Kirberger, which we will be holding on Wednesday, for everyone to have a good time, and talk with the co-author of the books "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul."


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