Being Connected (1999)


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Youth Quotes

<Ky> We send out mass e-mails to like, the whole group, all day long... we average about 70-100 a day... ::nods::
<Ky> So those are like, BIG convos... it's nice though... :)
<M> yeah, how do you keep up? do you read everything in deatil? :)
<Ky> hehe, well,l a lot of the time it'll be like, "Oh my god, that same thing happened to me last week" or something... short emails, we're not talking the Iliad or anything <g>
<Ky> hehe, in the last 10 minutes I got 5 emails <g>

Z. " ... connected live with so many people. It's like going out and seeing people all over the world at the same time ..."


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