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Youth Quotes

<S> Well, Let me give you an example
<S> I met some girl in Boston
<M> sounds good...
<S>And we got into a discussion on pre-marital sex

<S>now how often do you get to do that in the real world

<M>and then?

S>especially to a complete stanger
M>that's very true -
M> is it easier that way?
<S> then we got into deeper discussions on our lives and personal experiances
<S>I mean, I loved sharing that with other people but most people just ignore that issue

<M>do you find people more open in general on the net?

<S>It's got a bit more difficult

<M>can you give another example?
S>Most people just want to hang with people they know
S>that makes it difficult to make new friends unless another person goes out to make a friend
<S>But online, no one cares about your private life too much, just the kind of person you really are on the inside

<S>I think it's a really cool thing.

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