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How does being online affect who you are?

S. However, On the internet, I feel that I can explore his [my] ideas and thoughts to a fuller extent, I can write what I want and if I want to leave someone or just not want to talk to someone, I can ignore them, a nifty function that life does not have to offer. Back to my point on how I can explore who I am, through my experiances on the internet, I have found out that people tend to be more onest with what they are feeling. They tend to express their feelings and emotions in a way that I find to be very freeing. I mean, how often do people just tell you what is really on their mind and I have noticed that I tend to do the same myself. However, that sort of attitude tends to leak into my daily life more and more often. For example, today I got into a discussion on Affirmative Action with one of the more articulate speakers at my school and I pressed my case very well because I told him what I was feeling and I was very vocal on my opinion. Reality is what you make it, to me reality is both dark and ugly as well as beautiful. Who knows, that reality might not be real to anyone else, however, to me that is what it is, the internet is just another aspect of my reality and is almost as important as the "real" world.

E. Nein, bin immer noch so liebevoll wie vorher...;-) Nun, veraendert hat sich nicht die E., sondern ihr Horizont - so wuerde ich von mir sagen, mehr als je zuvor, "ueber den tellerrand hinaus" zu blicken. Mein Interesse fuer andere Religionen, Nationen, Kulturen, "Rassen" usw. ist enorm gestiegen.

E. (Translation) Do you think that you've changed since you've been online? If yes, how so? - No, i'm still as loving as before... ;-) Well, not E. has changed, but her horizon - that's what I would say of myself, more than ever, looking ouside of my own life. My interest in other religions, nations, cultures and "races" has risen dramatically.)

<Fg>I guess when I got into the internet I was a little dweeby, I still had a great personality and a lot of firneds, but I wasn't really a social butterfly, I had a few friends. I was in sixth grade, at my awkward stage. Glasses, buck teeth... bad haircut. I felt like I wasn't accepted, I felt ugly. ...Well, no one knows what you look like online, you make tons of friends, even people who noramlly wouldnt be friends with you in real life, because they don't see you and pre-judge you first really. So I felt much mroe comfortable to be myself. I felt accepted. My confidence rose, I stopped feeling ugly (mostly because I got contacts and braces and my hair grew) but I think the net helped.
<M>Were you able to express yourself differently online ... ?
< Fg>not really, i tend to be a pretty open person. i did become more "deep" because up until then, i was obsessed with looks and how people perceived me. i learned a lot of things on the internet and FROM the internet, and i became more involved in issues that mattered... NOT looks. people get too hung up on looks

<Z> [onground] I always talk about what I do on there, how I run my positions, how awesome it is to be connected ...
<Z> and if I'm talking o somebody, and they say something funny ... sometimes instead of laughing I'll comment: "L O L" [laughing out loud] <g>
<M> :), and they look at *you* funny??
<M> :)
<Z> LOL they think I'm crazy ... go figure ;)
<M> how do you think your home life has changed, or has it , through the Internet? i mean, through you using the Internet?
<Z> I think it's changed drastically ...
<Z> Whenever I'm home, if I'm not eating, sleeping, or getting ready to go out ... you'll find me in my chair infront of the computer ...
<Z> Well, I definately have different views now than I have before ... for example, I no longer judge people at all based on their backgrounds, appearances, etc ...
<Z> Being around so many people, and talking to them regardless of who they are, or how they are, you don't have to think about anything else except their "screen name." That made me realize that I can do the same in real life ... it doesn't have to matter who they are, just if they are nice to talk to ...

<M> do you think you've changed from the time before you went online, to now?
<Z> I'd definately say yes on this one ... Before I started online, I think I did more stuff "with my family." Now, I much rather be online than be with people in my house, because of the fact that it's so much more pleasant online. What I mean by that is, I don't have to hear babies screaming online, or I don't have to watch my little sisters, or "spend quality time" with them.

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