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Youth Quotes

<M> i mean, that you said before that you encountered a lot of racism in school, etc - so online you got a lot of support - did that change you in any way?
<W> the chat world there were many people of different color..ages..sexuality..and did change me..I wasn't so isolated as I was..I mean I still was isolated in a sense because I never had met them before
<M> did it change the way that you interacted with people in your school at all?
<W> No not really....I still didn't like them..:)
<W> becauase they weren't the people that I wanted them to be or I wasn't the person they wanted me to be.
<M> so, do you think it was mostly ethnicity or common interests as well? more a lack of..
<W> I think it was both. I was so shy and I was different..i looked different nd I acted different..cultures clashed. I wanted to be like them so much but I was so isolated cuz of my strict parents..I couldn't do a lot of things that everyone else was allowed to do.
<M> okay, i see, / did you see any ...

<W> So in a sense..the internet was like an escape..because my parents didn't know what I was doing (which is scary because kids out know..)
<M> your parents didn't know what you were up to?

<W> people I was talking to..or what I was talking about..I mean they knew I was chatting..but they didn't know with who or what I was chatting about.
<M> so would you say you did and explored the things you were curious about online, because you weren't able to irl? or did you explore different things?
<W> I didn't explore different things..the computer didn't let me go to party or meet guys or do anythung..just life you have to experience those things..the internet is cool but it's not what you should experience to learn about life..lost..pain..hurt..I mean you learn al;l of that but it's not all there..It's hard to explain..

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