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<Fg>well when you talk online, its about things that happened to you, yourlife, their life, etc. When you MEET the eprson, and spend actual time WITH them, conversations aren't as meaningful, lik "hey, you have a hair on your shirt." instead of ... well things that MEAN something
<M>in the other conversation, you also said that your REAL friends are online too, how are they different from other friends? - can we do towe trans of thought at once or is ti confusing?
< Fg>my REAL friends ... I mean by the people I care about, bnot the ones who I know in REAL LIFE. Its cos we talk about meaningful things, we know eaht other more, the people in my life now, isee them at school or whatever, and there isn't much time to talk to them in a meaningful way.

<Fg>Depends on the person... I feel most connected to my boyfriend. But other than that, people I meet online are my REAL friends it seems, at school they are just people I hang out with, they don't know as much about me as myonline friends do, and I don't know as much about them.

<Fg> The relationships I have online are usually with people I feel I have more in common with, as opposed to school, where no one seems to take things on a deeper level. For the shallow, the internet can be fun to an extent, but it's really a vital tool for people hwo like to think about things, it helps you talk to people you wouldn't normally get to meet in real life

<Ky> Well, there's a lot of life experience to be gained online, less painfully...
<Ky> I mean, just as you don't have to jump of a cliff to know that's not such a hot idea, there are lots of things you don't have to experience IRL to learn of, and lots of people have things to share...
<Ky> Online is a much more condusive environment for such things...
<Ky> Most opportunities online though are more of an emotional growth... not so much of something that one would classify as either online or offline, it's the combination of both together that you learn from.
<M> example?? :)
<Ky> hmmm... well, say right now for instance... I've been having a rough time at home...
<Ky> I've got a bazillion people out there willing to listen and offer up advice..
<M> yes
<Ky> Or like, in world religions... that's a class I'm taking... sometimes I kinda feel like I'm lost... but I know a couple people online who have stayed up late nights to help me study :)
<Ky> And in turn, they're helping me learn, online and off :)

<M> what does it feel like, when there's - or let me put it differently - when you're in a room with just "teens" and when you have people from all ages, does it feel differently?
<Z> It doesn't feel much a difference to me ... whether I'm in a room full of teens, a room full of adults, or a room that is mixed, we can have a lot of fun, and just be ourselves ... the adults that I usually chat with are a totally awesome group of people :D
<M> are they different from the adults in "real life"?
<Z> Some are, some aren't ... in "real life" a lot of adults I know aren't as "laid back" and "cool" as online, and they tend to have to "be the boss" ... but online, it's not like that. You can just strike up about any type of conversation that comes to mind, and go with it.
<M> thnking.. how would you describe your online relationships then?
<Z> My relationships with adults, or everyone in general?
<M> was wondering if there is a difference...?
<Z> Well, sure, there is a slight difference in a way, but not really. I mean ... just like real life, I have best friends in the cyberworld, both teens and adults, I would say. I probably talk to them just as much as I would my "real-life" best friends...




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