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Youth Quotes

What is it like for you to be online?

<Ky> yeah, it's kinda almost overwhelming in the beginning... like, "whoa, look at all this neat stuff" <g>
<M> that's right!
<Ky> But then you get used to it... and you learn to use it to your advantage... and that's the truly cool part :)
<M> you mean, really cool, that you can do what *you* want to do with it??
<Ky> yeah, in the beginning it's like, it controls you, because it's so huge... but then you learn to be in control of your online experience, and how to apply it to your life, both online and offline... and that's the true "wowness" of the whole thing :) (1999)

<C> I had some trouble getting online at first, my ISP [Internet Service Provider]was new, it was the first, and I was the first costumer. I was actually shocked from then on to see how easy the rest went.
<C> Well, much to much time. I blew like R100 in the first month.
<C> Sure do.

<M> Do you remember what it felt like? What did it feel like?
<C> It was very exiting. I had so much info available to myself.


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