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Development and Demography:


Maximizing Human Development”, Canadian Journal of Economics, 46(2), (2013), 497-525.

With Ian King


Healthy Human Development Indices”, Social Indicators Research, 99, (2010), 61-80.

With Nilanjana Roy and Sari Fink


The Human Development Index as a Criterion for Optimal Planning”, Indian Growth and Development Review, 1(2), (2008), 172-192.

With Ian King and Nilanjana Roy


Choosing Longevity with Overlapping Generations: To Be or Not to Be in Diamond's Model”, The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics (Contributions): 8(1), Article 6, (2008).

With Weichun Chen and Ian King


Overlapping Generations Models of Graded Age-Set SocietiesJournal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 160, (2004) 454-476.

With Linda Welling


Human Capital, True Love, and Gender Roles: Is Sex Destiny?”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 40, (1999) 155-178.

With Linda Welling


Modeling Social Rules and Experimental History: The Sepaade Tradition of Northern Kenya", mimeo (2007)

With Eric Roth and Linda Welling


An Almost Exact Overlapping Generations Model of Rendille of Northern Kenya”, mimeo (2011)  

With Eric Roth and Linda Welling


Finance and Money



“Hide and Seek Search: Why Angels Hide and Entrepreneurs Seek”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming

With Paul Schure and Dan Vo


A Positive Analysis of Deposit Insurance Provision: Regulatory Competition Among European Union Countries”, Journal of Financial Stability, 9(4), (2013), 530-544.

With Paul Schure and Mark Gillis.


When is Price-Level Targeting a Good Idea?Price Stability and the Long-Run Target for Monetary Policy, Bank of Canada (2001), 101-149.

With Richard Barnett


Bargains, Barter and Fiat Money", Review of Economic Dynamics, 4, (2001), 188-209.

With Shouyong Shi 


Currency Transaction Costs and Competing Currencies”, Journal of International Economics, 52(1), (2000)


Asymmetry, Imperfectly Transferrable Utility, and the Role of Fiat Money in Improving Terms of Trade”, Journal of Monetary Economics, 41(1), (1998), 153-183.

With Shouyong Shi

Bargaining-Induced Transactions Demand for Fiat MoneyFIGS, Discussion Paper 96-03 University of Victoria (1996). With Shouyong Shi. This version derives the bargaining solution from a strategic game.  


Comment on Did Risk Based Capital Allocate Bank Credit and Cause a Credit Crunch in the United States", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 26, (1994), 629-33.


"Rivalrous Money Supply Among Overlapping Generations ", Canadian Journal of Economics, 27, (1994), 494-504.

With Dan Bernhardt


"Endogenous Transfer Institutions in Overlapping Generations", Journal of Monetary Economics, 29, (1992), 445-474.

With Dan Bernhardt


"Money, Barter, and the Optimality of Legal Restrictions", Journal of Political Economy, 99, (1991), 743-773. 

With Dan Bernhardt


"Bank Runs and the Suspension of Deposit Convertibility", Journal of Monetary Economics, 24, (1989), 443-454.


Political Economy:


"Costly Transfer Institutions and the Core in the Overlapping Generations Model", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 32 (1997), 287-300.

With Joan Esteban and Jozsef Sakovics


"Brennan and Buchanan's Leviathan Models", Social Science Journal, 27, (1990), 419-433.

"Taxes, Public Goods and the Ruling Class: An Exploration of the Territory Between Brennan and Buchanan's Leviathan and Conventional Public Finance", Public Finance, 44, (1989), 19-30.


"The Distribution of Income in a Despotic Society", Public Choice, 54, (1987), 261-276.

With Dan Usher




Center for Studies in Ecology and Demography (Research Affiliate)

            Indian Growth and Development Review (Associate Editor)

            Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis (Senior Fellow)

            Encyclopaedia of Quality of Life Research (Section Editor)


Awards, Grants and Visiting Positions

            2009          Visiting Scholar, University of Melbourne (November-December)

2007                    Visiting Scholar, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi India (January-March)

2005-2007  Social Science and Humanities Research Council grant to study “Overlapping Generations Models of Age-Group Societies and the Preston Curve”

2001-2004  Social Science and Humanities Research Council grant to study “Macroeconomic and Money Models”

2003          Visiting fellow, Center for Development Studies, Trivandum India (November- December)  

1998-2001  Social Science and Humanities Research Council grant to study: “Models of Fiat Money, Asset Liquidity and  Bank Stability”

1994-1999 Social Science and Humanities Research Council grant to study: “Models of the Transaction Demand for Money and Demand Deposits”

1994-1997 Medical Research Council of Canada grant to study “The Socio-Economic Effects of Genetic Screening”; major researcher Mike Hoy and minor researchers Stan Blecher, Merwan Engineer, Peter Kuhn, Michael Ruse, Asha Sadanand and Venkat Sadanand

1994               Visiting Scholar, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi (January-March)

1991-1994 Social Science and Humanities Research Council grant to study: “Economies with Fiat Money and Alternative Means of Exchange”

1990               Visiting scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (November –December)

            1989           C. A. Curtis Prize (for best Economics thesis), Queen’s University

1982-1986 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship

1981-1982 Queen's Graduate Scholarship, Queen's University

            1980           Del Grauer Scholarship, University of British Columbia





Course Pages:

            Sept 2018 – Apr 2019

            ECON 305: Money and Banking

            ECON 333: Introduction to Economic Growth

            ECON 453: Economic Growth



Undergraduate Courses Taught:

Principles of Microeconomics (103), Principles of Macroeconomics (203), Intermediate Microeconomics (203), Intermediate Macroeconomics (204), International Economics (306), Money and Banking (305), Introduction to Economic Growth (333), Advanced Macroeconomic Theory (401), Monetary Economics (406), Financial Economics (435), Philosophical Problems in Contemporary Economics (437), Economic Growth and Business Cycles (453), Topics in Economics (485; Happiness and Economics); Directed Studies (495; Economic Growth, Equity Markets, Informal Economies); Directed Experiential Learning in Economics (496), Fourth-Year Honours Thesis and Seminar (499)


Graduate Courses Taught:

Macroeconomic Analysis (501), Monetary Theory and Policy (506), Economic Development (520), Economics of Finance (529), General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics (540B), Macroeconomics Issues (552), Economic Growth (573), and Directed Studies (595; Economic Growth, Economic Development, Financial Economics, Informal Economies)


Graduate Supervisions:

LI, Jiang, “Essays on Canada-US Productivity in Manufacturing

Ph.D. (April 2014)
Dr G. Voss, Dr M. Engineer, Dr. K. Stewart

VO, Dan, “Essays on Entrepreneurial Finance”

Ph.D. (October 2013)
Dr P. Schure, Dr M. Engineer, Dr. T. Hellman

TYNDALL, Justin, “Urban Sprawl, Geographic Constraints and Well-being in Major American Metropolises”

Extended Master’s Essay (August 2012)
M. Engineer & Dr P. Courty

CULHACI, Aydin, “Rates of Return on Venture Companies Subsidized by British Columbia Venture Capital Programs”

Extended Master’s Essay (August 2012)
P. Schure & Dr M. Engineer

SHARRATT, Daniel, “Online Stock Traders Behaviours, Reasons, and Performance: A Synthesis”

Extended Master’s Essay (April 2012)
P. Schure & Dr M. Engineer

CORNER, Thomas, “Deposit Insurance as a Means of Encouraging Optimal Bank Investment by Efficiently Transferring Systemic Risk to Government”

Extended Master’s Essay (March 2012)
Dr M. Engineer & Dr
P. Schure

COLEMAN, Nickolas, “Entrepreneurs and Workers: Endogenous Labour Market Choice”

Extended Master’s Essay (March 2011)
Dr M. Engineer & Dr
A. Kumar

HINCKS, Nick, “Health Convergence: Inference and Indicators”

Extended Master’s Essay (September 2009)
Dr N. Roy & Dr M. Engineer

DURAN, Kyle, "Targeting the Exchange Rate: Lessons From a Simple New Keynesian Model"

Extended Master’s Essay (July 2009)
Dr G Voss & Dr. M. Engineer

MOL, Roeup, “Financial Dollarization and Capital Accumulation in a Model with Banking and Seigniorage”

Extended Master’s Essay (May 2008)
Dr M. Engineer & Dr G. Voss

CHEN, Weichun, "Three Essays on the Health and Wealth of Nations”

Ph.D. (May 2008)
Dr M. Engineer, Dr N. Roy & Dr J. Clarke, Dr Z. Wu

GUO, Shasha, "Who Will Make an SEO in the Near Future? A Duration Analysis of the Chinese Equity Market"

Extended Master’s Essay (November 2007)
Dr D. Giles & Dr M. Engineer

FINK, Sari, “Adjusting the Human Development Index for Health and Longevity”,

Extended Master’s Essay (December 2006)

Dr M. Engineer & Dr N. Roy

NI, Yang, “Duration Analysis of the Initial Public Offering Effect”,

Extended Master’s Essay (August 2006)

Dr D. Giles & Dr M. Engineer

XU, Jing, “Technical Trading Rules & Stock Returns: An Econometric Analysis”,

Extended Master’s Essay (August 2006)

Dr D. Giles & Dr M. Engineer

CHABAN, Maxym, “Essays in Exchange Rate Economics”,

Ph.D. (May 2006)
Dr G. Voss, Dr J. Clarke, Dr. M. Engineer & Dr M. Webb

YUAN, Yuan, “Integration of Canadian and U.S. Residential Mortgage Markets: A Multi-Step Causality Study”,

Extended Master’s Essay (April 2005)
Dr J. Clarke & Dr M. Engineer

LIU, Fangge, “The Effect of Currency Substitution on Output and Welfare in a Model with Banking and Capital Accumulation”,

Extended Master’s Essay May 2005

Dr M. Engineer & Dr A. Kumar

CHEN, Weichun, “Endogenous Life Expectancy and Income: An Overlapping Generations Analysis”,

Extended Master’s Essay (August, 2004)

Dr M. Engineer & Dr N Roy       

ZENG, Wenbo, “A Re-examination of Granger Causality Between Canadian Exports and Its Economic Growth”,

Extended Master’s Essay (August, 2004)

Dr J.A. Clarke & Dr M. Engineer

LIU, Qian, “Monetary Policy and Asset Prices: A Survey of the Literature”

Extended Master’s Essay (July 2004)
Dr G. Voss & Dr M. Engineer

LEE, Kathy, “Banking Theories and Their Implications for the Efficacy of the Proposed Hong Kong Deposit Insurance Scheme” (March 2002)
Dr P. Schure & Dr M. Engineer

LIU, Ying, “Comparing the Forecast Performance Between Linear and Nonlinear Error Correction Models for the Canadian Economy”,

Extended Master’s Essay (April, 2000)

Dr J.A. Clarke & Dr M. Engineer

ARCHER, Ian, “An Analysis of Natural Gas Futures Markets”,

Extended Master’s Essay (May, 1999)

Dr M. Engineer & Dr K.G. Stewart

HSU, Kuo-An, “The Implications of Alternative Demand Specifications in a Computational Trade Model”,

Extended Master’s Essay (December, 1999)

Dr D. Ferguson & Dr M. Engineer                      

MILLER, Dale, "Real Options Analysis of Power Generating Assets",

Extended Master’s Essay (April, 1999)

Dr M. Engineer & Dr L. Welling

MARTINEZ, Victor, "Recovery of Stranded Costs in the U.S. Electricity Industry",

Extended Master’s Essay (December, 1998)

Dr L. Welling & Dr M. Engineer

ANDREE, Alan, "The Performance of Canadian Equity Mutual Funds"

Extended Master’s Essay (August, 1998)

Dr K. Stewart & Dr M. Engineer

SHINOHARA, Keiko, "Tariff Warfare in a Multi-Country Ricardian Continuum Model",

Extended Master’s Essay (July, 1998)

Dr D. Ferguson & Dr M. Engineer

ROMANYSHYN, Stephen, "Generational Accounting: Survey and Application",

Extended Master’s Essay (June, 1998)

Dr M. Engineer & Dr I. King

GOMEZ, Carl, "The Regional Diversification Potential of Real Estate Investments",

Extended Master’s Essay (March, 1998)

Dr M. Engineer & Dr K. Stewart

DUNBAR, Geoffrey, "Covered Interest Rate Arbitrage and Bid-Ask Spreads",

Extended Master’s Essay (June, 1997)

Dr M. Engineer & Dr L. Welling

DAVID, Murphy, “A Review of the Matching Function Approach to Labour Markets”,

Extended Master’s Essay (May, 1996)

Dr I. King & Dr M. Engineer


Honours Supervisions:

                  MacNEIL, Steve, "Decomposing China's GDP Growth" (2013)

                  RUAN, Haodong, "Impact of U.S. Quantitative Easing Policy on Chinese Inflation" (2013) joint supervision with Dr. K. Stewart

                  AGBAY, Matthew, "Gold and Civil Conflict: Is There a Resource Curve" (2012)

                  HACKINEN, Brad, "Does Repeated Application of the Hick-Kaldor Criterion yield Pareto Improvements" (2012) joint supervision with Dr. E. Gugl

                  LEVY, Robert, "Gold's Role in the Determination of Currencies" (2011)

                  CHEN, Scott, "Harris-Todaro Model of China with Endogenous Migration Policy" (2010)

                  HSAI, Sandra, "Bank Runs and Interest Rates" (2010)  

                  USHER, Andrew, "Hide and Seek: Search Costs as a Screen in Angel Capital" (2010) joint supervision with Dr. P. Schure

                  HU, Ran, "Pricing and Hedging in CME Futures Housing Market: A Survey of How we Price Futures and a Test in the San Diego Housing Market" (2009)

                  WATSON, Jared, “Rational-Choice Models of Violent Regime Change: A Review of the Current Literature” (2008)




Bank of Canada

Canadian Economics Association

Department of Finance (Canada)

Economic Growth Resources

International Monetary Fund

National Bureau of Economic Research

The Twelve Federal Reserve Districts

The World Bank and The World Bank Development Report

World Population Clock-- Take a guess and check how close you are

World Development Programme, Millennium Development Goals, Human Development Report





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