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ECON 305: Money and Banking

Department of Economics, University of Victoria

Instructor: Merwan H. Engineer ; E-mail


Academic Assistant: Ahmed Ishtiaq ; E-mail

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Ø   Credit Crisis (* examinable)

      * Sub-prime Mortgages & Diagram (Mar 1/08)

      * AIG and Counterparty Risk (Sept 16/08)

      * Banks Bundled and Bet (Dec 24/09)

      * Meltdown (video, Feb 13/09)

      * Canadian Banking is Better (Feb 1/10)

      * Revenge of the Glut (Mar 2/09)

      * Money, Power, and Wall Street , PART FOUR, minutes 28-44 for regulatory arbitrage & Greek debt crisis

                        Credit Crisis - the Essentials (NYT)

         Krugman’s Blunt Blog (2008 Nobel Prize winner)

         The Warning (video, Oct /09)

         Inside Job (video, Feb/10)  

         The Untouchables (video, minutes 4-12 for NINJA mortgages; Jan/13)



-         Bank of Canada

-         Department of Finance

-         Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation

-         Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada


Miscellaneous Money                               

-         Why Money?

-         Yap Money                                 

-         Phone Money                                        

-         Cigarette Money

-         Facebook Credits

-         Salt Spring Dollars                                                  

-         History of the Canadian Dollar   

-         Bitcoin (Decentralized Digit Currency)

-         Microfinance: Grameen Bank, Kiva



-         Money Illusion (Yes -- it is a confidence game)

-         Money as Debt, Part 1 (by Paul Grignon, a Vancouver Island resident)

-         The Ascent of Money (by historian Niall Ferguson, see Episode 6) 

-         I.O.U.S.A. (An “Inconvenient Truth” about American unfunded liabilities); IOUSA Not OK (Serious rebuttal)                      


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