The Online Guide to Thomas R. Berger

We think of ourselves as a northern people. We may at last have begun to realize that we have something to learn from the people who for centuries have lived in the North, the people who never sought to alter their environment, but rather to live in harmony with it. This Inquiry has given all Canadians an opportunity to listen to the voices on the frontier.

- Thomas Berger, Northern Frontier, Northern Homeland

A Guide to Thomas R. Berger

The Globe and MailIn 1977 Thomas Berger was catapulted onto the international stage after recommending that the Canadian Government place more value on Aboriginal rights and environmental protection than on economic development. His reputation as a voice for justice and his place in the realm of great Canadians were sealed. Even more incredibly, he is now considered an authority onNorthern development and Aboriginal policies to this day. As a result of Thomas Berger’s successes in promoting justice and opening Canada’s eyes to long-neglected issues, there are numerous online sources pertaining to the events of his career – particularly to his work on the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry. This site compiles and describes resources related not only to Berger’s Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry, but also to his Life, other Landmark Cases in his career, his continued role as A Voice for the North, and his place as A Canadian Icon. Thomas Berger’s Life has been defined by his constant devotion to justice. Websites which present biographical information on Thomas Berger instead of focusing on a single aspect of his career offer a fantastic opportunity to understand the trajectory of Berger’s career and how it has evolved as a result of his numerous accomplishments.

Among these accomplishments are several Landmark Cases that defined not only Berger’s career, but also the history of law and policy in Canada. That is why this site includes resources that present the details and context of Berger’s most influential cases and contribute to an understanding of how this man changed Canada.The National Post

None of Berger’s cases is as well-known, influential, or perpetually resonant as The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry, though. When the Canadian government followed Berger’s recommendation to delay the creation of an oil pipeline through the Mackenzie Delta in favour of settling Aboriginal land claims and protecting northern ecosystems the world learned the name: Thomas Berger. On this site you will find resources on the groundbreaking Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry from 1974 to 1977, as well as resources on renewed discussions about the creation of this pipeline – discussions which are still coloured by the observations and comments made by Thomas Berger.

Thomas Berger’s commitment to northern development policies and Aboriginal rights is exemplified by his continued work on these issues. There are many resources related to his role as A Voice for the North, several of which are described on this site and offer a comprehensive overview of how Berger’s early accomplishments have continued to define his career.

Berger’s constant commitment to responsible northern development and the land rights of Aboriginal groups, along with the devotion to justice evident throughout his entire career have established him as A Canadian Icon. As many of the resources on this site indicate, Berger is acknowledged as an influential force in Canadian history, an authority on current issues related to the Canadian North and Aboriginal concerns, and a model of unselfish justice.