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The Unknowability of Actions and the Development of Phronesis in Dentistry Praxis

This position paper investigates how a theory about the relation between intended and situated action can contribute to dentistry. The theory about intend and situation action says that individuals cannot know what they are doing while they are doing the action, that is, this theory demonstrates the impossibility in principle to know an action while it is being performed because actions are composed by unconscious elements called operations, and this contributes to a person be unable to anticipate the outcomes of the actions with perfect certainty. I began this position paper articulating an activity-theoretical framework, to explain why actions cannot be known until after they are completed and then I describe the results of my research on the development of practical wisdom in dental practice. I end this position paper outlining some implications and important questions that arise from this work to dental education, and dental practice in the area of dentist-patient relationship, responsibility and dental education.

Ardenghi, D. M., Roth, W.-M., & Pozzer-Ardenghi, L. (2005). The unknowability of actions and the development of phronesis in dentistry praxis. , 5.1, 3-10.

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