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Student teaching as research activity: An ethical and agency based argument

Practitioners, administrators, and academics have advocated teaching as research praxis, yet still it has not been incorporated into the daily practices of teachers on the whole. With this paper we address this issue with a re-evaluation of teachers' practicum experience and argue for it to be presented and developed as itself a research project. We outline three basic arguments that support our claim based on our understanding of the ethics of responsibility and the structure/agency dialectic. Specifically we argue: The practicum not situated as research limits its use as a resource in the future, continued use of the practicum as research resource incorporates teachers into the culture of educational research, and the practicum as research erodes the reliance on non-practicing experts commonly associated with education. This change to the practicum experience constitutes one of the major steps that must be taken for teachers to achieve their true role as researchers.

Stith, I., & Roth, W.-M. (manuscript submitted for publication).

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